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Dublin based trash cinema screening collective Hollywood Babylon announced during their screening of Return to Oz at the weekend that their next screening will be John Waters’ Polyester. What really excites me about this is that Polyester utilised a cinema experience called Odorama which is basically a scratch and sniff card that you smell during specific times of the film. I enjoyed seeing Return to Oz again and I can’t wait to experience Odorama. 

20,000 Days on Earth is a gorgeous film. A wonderful document crossed with art. Performance merged with truth and a great collaboration between the artistry of Cave, Forsyth and Pollard. Also I was chuffed that my question was the first of only 3 questions to be asked via Twitter in the live Q&A in the Barbican. My giddy heart! I was also lucky enough to be at the live gig specifically filmed for the movie in the Koko Club last year and it was as electric as it looked. 

Alt J’s video for Hunger of the Pine directed by Nabil has left me an emotional wreak. The aural and visual are equally striking, beautiful work that compliment each other perfectly. 

Lars Von Trier is to return to TV with a show called The House that Jack Built. What further adds to my excitement of this announcement is that the network behind The Killing and The Bridge are involved also. This could be glorious! 

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Grimes is back. Thank bloody christ, things were getting boring, with the breakup of The Knife and all. Go featuring Blood Diamonds. Play it loud. 

Harmony Korine and Die Antwoord working together is like heaven to me ( Add in Dior and the results could be worryingly meh… There are elements of this ad Korine directed that are truly stunning; the room filled with flowers, the low fi footage (gorgeous!), the neon and the remix of Die Antwoord’s ‘Enter the Ninja’. I could do without the grand, stately room but overall I wish more perfume ads followed this vein. A lovely mix of pretty yet sexy. 

Midnight Juggernauts bat (cat) shit crazy video for Systematic. This may be one of the most magical things my little eyes have ever seen. Thank you for this, truly, thank you. 

Her is an outstanding film. Beautiful cinematography with a believable and relatable concept of a not too distant future that is both aesthetically intriguing, those trousers, and technologically possible. Remarkable performance by Phoenix who keeps you enthralled throughout. #her 

Don’t Hug me I’m Scared II where Time turns out to be an utter dick. The follow up to Becky and Joe from This Is It Collective’s utterly fantastic and still my favourite thing on the internet, Don’t Hug me I’m Scared 

Fantastic safe driving ad from New Zealand. It is really rather gut wrenching.

Very impressed by this Pantene Ad from BBDO Guerrero that challenges the double standards faced by women at work. It does lose it a little with the titles at the end. It is very much in keeping with the direction and commentary that my LowLow Adland Gal presented I feel it is important that more work is produced in this vein in order to challenge the way women are represented in advertising and ultimately in the real world. I am sad to say I have seen far to many ads recently that perpetuate acceptable sexiest stereotyping.

The making of the John Lewis Christmas ad. It brings a whole level of wow to it and adds greater charm. Bloody good work. 

The @HarveyNicholas Christmas ad is my favourite this year. Fantastic insight, some really nice acting and to top it off they made this idea live with the customer being able to buy the elastic bands instore. 

John St (@thetweetofjohn) are so spot on with this. I hate that fake stunt bollox. Thanks for making this! 

Dan Flavin at Tate Modern Part 2 #tatemodern #danflavin (at Tate Modern)

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